“CHOPS” Up Your Career Success

You have the job experience and the professional qualifications. So how to increase your success rate in your next career move?

To help you stand out from a sea of candidates, here are 5 quick tips. I call it “CHOPS”. It’s an acronym for: CV Homework. Opportunity. Practise Self-image. Firstly, the CV (Curriculum Vitae) creates the first impression of who you are, and your value-add. Therefore, it is important to make it impactful.

1. KISS: Recruiters have plenty to do besides reading stacks of applications. So “KISS” it – keep it short and succinct! 2. Describe your career experience first. This lead the recruiters to read that before the academic credentials. That’s good because experience sells. 3. Writing a short descriptor about your employer and their website address. This help the recruiters to know the company you have worked for, and its relevance to theirs.

4. Include your professional development to show that you are keen to learn and have kept yourself abreast with industry developments. 5. Footer: Your footer should read “John Tan – Page 1 of 6”. This helps recruiters to quickly organize, and that would gain you some points.

Secondly, do your Homework. This means, read up on the industry that you are attempting to penetrate into, as well as your potential employer’s website. Know their players, competition, etc. If possible, your interviewer’s Linked, Facebook, etc. Knowing who they are and whom you will be meeting get you more prepared. Thirdly, create Opportunity by putting yourself out there. Be bold. Tell your friends you are looking and be open. Whenever possible, go for meetups, social gatherings and professional networking. And when you do, get them to like you. You’ll be surprised people will eagerly recommend you, when they like you. Fourthly, Practise, Practise, Practise. Do it with a friend, in front of the mirror or with your cat. From the phonecall, to the handshake, to answering questions, to asking appropriate questions. Practising builds your preparedness and confidence, and you will shine when you are naturally more confident. Finally, pay attention to your Self-Image. In addition to sprucing up your appearance through appropriate grooming, you want to brand your self-image to create the right impression of who you are as a person professionally. Example, what should I do to build the image I am a hardworking and experienced IT engineer who understands the Japanese animation industry. For more information, sign up for our course….


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