PHD has vast numbers of qualified raw and industry ready talents from numerous industries ready for training and deployment respectively.

It organised pre-employment talks and personal enhancement workshops grooming and preparing them for future career integration. This talent pool includes PMETs, C suite veterans, trade professionals, consulting experts, executives who are experience and
job ready. 

Recruitment PHD exercises care in its recruiting processes. It applies a unique 4 stages evaluation and assessment tool to align all parties’ expectations.

• Technical Competency Fit
• Personal Value/Cultural Fit
• Project & Team Fit
• Career Aspirational Fit

Professional Training PHD’s talent pool are regularly send for re-skilling and up-skilling for prior to re-entry into their preferred choice of employment at no cost to client.

• Thinking and Innovation skill
• Digital and technology skill
• Intrapersonal and interpersonal skill
• Other job specific technical skill These are critical learning units preparing them for seamless integration into the current dynamic landscape.

Deployment PhD takes pride in its service excellence engagement with clients adopting a “Not Fit, No Fee” customer service guaranteed policy.

Clients will be billed for PhD recruitment and deployment consulting service only after 3 months of employment.

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